A Look Inside: Updated Room Lighting At The Courtyard Marriott

Elevating Comfort and Style for an Exceptional Stay

Here is a look inside the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Oakland, CA, where updates in room lighting have transformed the guest experience. These enhancements go beyond mere functionality, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and contemporary style. Let’s explore how the updated room lighting at the Courtyard Marriott elevates your stay.

· Ambiance and Relaxation: Soft and warm lighting schemes have been carefully chosen to create a cozy and inviting ambiance for guests.
· Task-Oriented Illumination: Well-placed task lighting ensures that guests can comfortably read, work, or unwind in their rooms.
· Modern Aesthetics: The new lighting fixtures are designed to complement the modern aesthetics of the hotel’s interiors.

This relight project used roughly 1500 units of A21 style lamps. The energy drop is from a 100 watt Incandescent. That’s 85% energy savings, not to mention that they won’t be changing lamps out everyday anymore!

Total project Cost: $19,500

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