About Us

This is a portfolio site for Evergreen Applied Technologies (EA Lighting Design) and its subsidiary companies. We are based in Evergreen, Colorado at an elevation of 7500 feet.

EA Tech plans and supplies lighting for all sorts of cool projects. We stock some high volume items in our store. However many of the custom configured lighting fixtures we have are built upon request and shipped to the project site. Custom layouts are available free of charge for any project from a major league baseball stadium to parking lots to interior spaces. We use advanced lighting technology and regularly incorporate smart controls such as daylight harvesting, wifi controls, and whole building systems. We are the only company to ever integrate a custom sports lighting system into AV technology.

Sports Applications

Indoor Arenas – To NBA & NCAA Specifications
Outdoor Stadiums – To MLB and NFL standards
Indoor Tennis – To ATP, USTA & ITF standards
Outdoor Tennis, Including Professional and Recreational Courts done USTA and ITF Standards
Full Size Soccer Fields and Futsal, with USA Soccer & FIFA Standards
Ice Hockey, Inline Hockey, Small Facilities and Arenas, Smart Controls Available
Little League Baseball, Recreational Adult Fields, Minor and Major League Field Arrays
Basketball Gyms, Basketball Arenas
We can do anything from a field to stadium, or a gym to an arena.

Typical sports applications carry a minimum 10 year warranty and 100,000 hr rating.   On site training is available for advanced control systems such as DMX Control (Color) and mesh systems.   We also have available our wireless system which features, remote scheduling, load monitoring, level control and system management with reporting.  These system can be applied to any application.

Other Applications

Other projects we work on frequently:
Color Illumination Projects such as skyscrapers, convention centers and stadiums
Parking Lots
Trucking Facilities
Strip Malls
Condominium Complexes
Apartment Buildings
Custom Homes
Food preparation facilities
Dairy Farms

If you’re interested in getting some help with your project, just contact us at chris@evergreenappliedtechnologies.com