Custom Tennis Light Fixtures

Game, Set, Light! Illuminating the Colby, Kansas tennis Facility.

Colby, Kansas, is now home to a tennis facility that shines brighter than ever, thanks to out custom-made tennis light fixtures. This transformation not only enhances the facility’s aesthetic appeal but also elevates the playing experience for tennis enthusiasts. Let’s serve up the details on how custom fixtures are lighting up the courts in Colby.

· A Tailored Lighting Solution: Custom light fixtures were designed and manufactured specifically to meet the unique lighting needs of the facility, ensuring optimal visibility on the courts.
· Enhanced Visibility: Precision up-lighting minimizes shadows and glare, allowing players to track the ball with ease.
· Aesthetic Upgrade: The custom fixtures also contribute to the facility’s visual appeal, creating a modern look that also allows for community advertising space on the underside of the fixture.

We are experts in tennis lighting. Our team of seasoned lighting designers are ready to collaborate with you to revamp or reimagine lighting at any of your venues.

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