Indirect Lighting for a Dental Office

Creating a Relaxing Dental Experience

Dental indirect lighting fixtures are designed to provide indirect lighting in dental clinics. These fixtures use diffused light sources to eliminate glare and provide a comfortable working environment for dentists and patients alike. They are typically installed in the ceiling of dental clinics and provide even illumination throughout the space. Dental indirect lighting fixture come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be customized based on the specific need of a dental practice. They are a popular choice for dental clinics because they offer energy efficiency and are easy to maintain.

· The L-Line LED Indirect/Direct is a lighting fixture that provides both indirect and direct light.
· The SIOL Architectural Linear Suspended Louver fixtures provide indoor, direct/indirect suspended light for LED system and fluorescent lamps.
· The X-Shaped L-Line LED Indirect/Direct fixtures offer clean and modern appearance with sleek extruded aluminum housing.
· The L-Shaped L-Line LED Indirect/Direct fixtures offer symmetrical light distribution evenly illuminated surfaces with a diffused lens, making L-Line idea for commercial, retail, healthcare and education applications.

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