Lighting Ideas for Traditional Farmhouse Kitchens

Transform Your Farmhouse Kitchen with These Classic Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen lighting is a design style that is inspired by traditional farmhouses. The lighting is typically rustic or vintage-style fixtures that are made from simple and natural materials such as wood, metal, and glass, and are characteristically adorned with exposed bulbs. Farmhouse lights come in various designs and styles that give the kitchen a warm and inviting feel.

· Pendant lights which can be hung over a kitchen island or dining table.
· Flush Mount lights if you have low ceilings or prefer a more subtle lighting option. 
· Wall mounted lights are a perfect choice if you have open shelving or a plate rack in your kitchen, wall lights can be a great way to highlight your decor and add extra lighting. Look for simple, rustic sconces that complement the overall aesthetic of your space.

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